Current Projects

Project for the Community from our 2016 – 17, Chair, Brenda Richardson.

The first meeting of the year [2016] was entitled ‘Outreach’,  the visiting speaker talked about reaching out to girls in Uganda. Angela and Patricia talked about helping with the Belfast Wave Quilt and I thought it would be good for the Guild to do something for the community.

I have chosen the Royal Jubilee Maternity Neonatal Unit. They use small quilts for the babies to lie on. The parents are then given the quilts when the babies are discharged. I would hope to hand over 100 at the end of the year. It a good way to use up children’s nursery and pale coloured fabric.

Here are the instructions for the Cuddlies (baby quilts).

Two pieces of fabric measuring 12 x 17 inches includes 1/4 ” seams.

One piece of wadding measuring 12 x 17 inches.

Place the pieces of fabric right sides together and place the wadding on top.

Sew 1/4″ seam round the fabric leaving an opening. Turn the fabric out to right side.

Stitch opening closed.

Lightly Quilt the rectangle and finish off threads.

 2016 – 17 Chair’s Charity

Every year the current Chair nominates a Charity that is close to their hearts. Every week, we have a raffle, with prizes of  fabric or sewing notions. If for any reason there isn’t a raffle, we get a list of complaints, it is a bit of fun. Doreen McGrath and other volunteers go around and persuade you to part with a pound or two. At the end of the Chair’s year, the money is given to the nominated Charity.

This year Brenda Richardson has chosen Reconnect 

Reconnect is a local charity based in the Castlereagh Hills. It works to support people with acquired brain injury, enabling them to achieve their best potential through structured programmes based on the individuals and their personal goals.

Originally known as Garden Reach was started as a means to allow individuals who have suffered a head injury to rehabilitate. They  work to help people to recover social, physical and cognitive skills that had either been lost or impaired as a result of their injury. Through coordinated efforts, the people they help have been able to rebuild lost skills and work towards a new, confident life.



Guild Banner Challenge – We need a modern banner to use at Shows & Exhibitions.  At this stage we only want a drawing of your idea for a banner.  Here’s your opportunity to have some fun with colours, images and lettering. Entries on A4 paper in colour. The competition is anonymous, so somehow make sure Anne James gets it, without her knowing its yours.