Hands Across The Border Entry Form & Rules

  1. The quilt must consist of a minimum of two layers, although any technique may be       used.
  2. Size: quilts can be made to a maximum of 1 metre square.
  3. The quilt has a free choice of edging treatments.
  4. No glass fronted, framed, mounted quilts or quilts made from kits will be allowed.
  5. The work should have been completed in the last two years.
  6. The quilt must have a 10 cm (4 inch) hanging sleeve, (with sufficient fullness to accommodate the hanging rod).
  7. Please ensure that your quilt is labelled on the back at the bottom edge with the following information:  Name of the Quilt / Name of Quilter / Postal Address.
  8. The quilt should not have been exhibited prior to submission to this exhibition.
  9. Quilts made by more than one person at any stage of construction should identify all of those involved.
  10. Quilts are not for sale during the exhibition.
  11. The decision on which quilts may be hung rests with the exhibition centres, whose decision will be final.
  12. The quilts are covered by the NIPG insurance once the quilt is received by the hosting branch.
  13. By entering your quilt you agree to have it photographed for publicity purposes and the catalogue of the exhibition.
  14. Each quilt must have its own bag labelled with the name of the quilt, the name of the maker and your guild / branch.
  15. Quilts will be released at the end of the exhibition period and not before that time.
  16. Deadline for quilts to be received is Saturday 6th April at the Monthly Meeting. No late entries will be accepted due to cataloguing and photographing of quilts.

Entry form

Please complete a separate form for each quilt you enter

Name of Entrant(s): ________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________


Phone no. _________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________

Name of Quilt: ____________________________________________

Size of quilt: ____________________________________________

Value of quilt (for insurance purposes): __________________________

Artist Statement: (give a description of your quilt. Details such as what the inspiration was, fabrics and techniques used and the story behind the quilt).







Send your entries to :

NIPG Members: Quilts will be collected at monthly Guild meeting 2nd March 2019

IPS Members: Quilts will be collected by Branch Reps or send to: Paula Rafferty, St. Stephen’s, Killonan, Ballysimon, Co. Limerick, V94 TRT4

I agree to abide by the rules and condition of the exhibition. I agree to allow my quilt if chosen to travel over the years 2019 and 2020.

Signed: ____________________________ Date: _______________________