Christmas Challenge Baubles 2017

Every year  a  Christmas Challenge  is set by the Chairperson.  This year, Paula Ellis set a task close to everyone’s hearts – the creation of a Christmas bauble. The method and materials were totally up to the creator. There was, however, an added twist which made us sit up and take notice, as Paula declared there be…


Shockwaves echoed around the room, accompanied by whispers of:

‘But we always have a secret Santa’ 

No worries, Paula had a cunning plan: instead of having to try to find a suitable Secret Santa present, as well as making a bauble,  Paula declared that all baubles would be redistributed among the Members. Carefully wrapped by Santa Claus aka Brian McKenna, who diligently handed them to each and everyone present. No exchanges, only one rule, if you get your own you could swap it.

Brilliant plan and well executed. We hope and trust that all our members were happy with their new bauble.

Wishing  you and  all our members a very Merry Christmas Holiday and best wishes for a Healthy and  Happy Quilt-filled New Year.

Photographs ©Brian McKenna.

Christmas Baubles ©NIPG Members