Dive Into Your Stash for Crafting Live

Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild Members Only

We have been invited to take part in this year’s Crafting Live exhibition in the Titanic Exhibition Hall.

Paula, our Chair invites you to submit a small piece which will be used to decorate the NIPG space and wonders if you have a stash of fabric?

There may be quilters who are unaware of  a quilter’s  occupational hazard, which is the accumulation of a ‘stash’.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of stash is:

  1. A store or supply of something, typically one that is kept hidden or secret.
  2. Store (something) safely and secretly in a specified place.

A quilter’s stash begins with the purchase of fabric for the first project and quickly grows.  There are many substantiated reports of a quilter’s stash multiplying overnight.

The acquisition of fabric is justified as being essentially a  quilter’s palette or a ‘creative resource centre’  A quilter’s stash is actually a place to go for inspiration and ideas when planning the quilting for a project.  Your stash may look like this:

Alternatively it may look like this: