Memories Exhibition and AGM by Anne James

The ‘Memories’ exhibition at the Flax Gallery, Mossley Mill was wonderful!  Our members did us proud producing 38 beautiful quilts.  [Check out the Memories Quilt Page on our site] . The theme obviously sparked inspiration in so many directions – the variety of quilts and the diversity of techniques was phenomenal, and the quality of the work was tremendous.

The exhibition was very well received by the visitors, whose comments in the book were very complimentary indeed!  I visited the exhibition three times, with various friends, and I found it a very great pleasure on each occasion.  Well done to everyone who produced a quilt for the exhibition.  The quilt voted favourite by the visitors was Clare Taggart’s ‘Rathlin Island’.  Congratulations, Clare!

Brian McKennaAnd finally, a special thanks to Brian McKenna for photographing the quilts for us, you’ve done us proud!

On Saturday 4th June we will hold our Annual General meeting at the Folk Museum.  The Chairman and the Treasurer will present their reports for the year and the arrangements for next year’s committee will be finalised.  Then we will have the patchwork postcards, the apple pie and the chat!

We are asking members to bring along two fabric postcards – 6” by 4” – in any design they choose.  We will display the postcards, then members will receive two postcards from the collection.  Esmé suggests creating the postcard on wadding or wadded curtain lining, then sewing it on to a card backing.  Good luck and we’re looking forward to seeing all the cards!   Anne James.

Ideas for Postcards with links to interesting sites. 

Here’s a link to  Postmark’d Art a great site all about Fabric Postcards,

Fabric Postcard from Sue Reno
Sue Reno’s Postcard and link to her Blog

from a group inspired by an article in Quilting Arts about a group who were making 4″x6″ fabric postcards and mailing them to each other!

Fabric Postcard from Carol Logan Newbill
Fabric Postcard from Carol Logan Newbill



These little art treasures were being sent to complete strangers just for the thrill of sharing art.  There was an invite for  those who interested to “click here” to join a round of card trading. Enough people clicked that Postmark’d Art was born and a new group of people were “stalking the mailman!” Today the group consists of  close to 50 fiber arts junkies from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The Netherlands, United States, Wales, England, Denmark, and Singapore, all happily experimenting with new techniques and products, sharing ideas, and their art.

Another site worth a visit is Art2Mail  which predates Postmark’d Art and was found through them.  It began on the  Quilt Art Mailing List  with  Kathy Loomis’s request to receive postcards from all 50 states sparked Jackie Moravcik’s idea of making the actual postcards – mini pieces of art where the messages and stamps were part of the art itself.  Thirty-eight people from 21 different states and 5 different countries were intrigued and eager to experiment with the idea.  Within a couple weeks, small works of art began arriving in mailboxes across the country. That was in 2004 and is still going strong.

Lastly, for anyone not sure how to start to creat your postcard. Here’s  one of many ‘how to’ sites you’ll find on the web by Marelize Ries from South Africa. 

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The NIPG, as we are affectionately known, welcomes anyone interested in any aspect of patchwork and/or quilting, in whatever form. Beginner, advanced or in between. The Guild usually meets on the first Saturday of the month in the Parochial Hall of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, Co Down, Northern Ireland. Contact us for more information. Meetings open around 10.30 am with tea/coffee for which we charge a small visitor's fee. This is quite informal. The meeting proper begins with 'housekeeping' - various announcements relevant to our members. Often we will have engaged a speaker of note, which is sometimes followed by a workshop/ sew-in. Full day workshops are held on Sundays. We have had speakers and teachers from USA, Germany, Holland, England, not forgetting the excellent people who are locally based. Contact us or Facebook for further information.

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