Saturday Meeting 3rd March & Sunday 4th March

This was the weekend which had to be cancelled.

Unfortunately, after much effort, Janet McCallum was  unable to make the journey across. Janet was determined to be here, and really did her very best, but between changing airports and examining all the options, she was  forced to submit to the inclement weather from Siberia which has disrupted British and Irish travel so badly.  [The Beast from the East].

Though many parts of the North have little or no snow, other parts are snowbound.  Therefore, the decision was made to cancel the entire weekend.

It was a weekend to stay indoors, keep warm and providing your electric hadn’t given up, you could sew, sew, sew.

Belated Happy St David’s Day to all our Welsh friends. Photo taken on the 1st March 2018.

Leaving you with this text message received yesterday from a quilter who lives just outside Dublin. In case anyone doesn’t know – all Dublin flights have been cancelled until tomorrow. She says:

Good morning, sitting here snug and warm indoors. More snow last night on top of a foot from Tuesday night. So, I’m forced to sew, sew, sew. We have a full tank of oil, plenty of fuel for the fire and lots of food. Plus candles should the power go and wool applique projects if candle light permits.



Ladies, we’ll be in touch about rescheduling Janet etc. Meanwhile take the Kildare Quilter’s advice – and snuggle down with your favourite project.

Happy Quilting.


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The NIPG, as we are affectionately known, welcomes anyone interested in any aspect of patchwork and/or quilting, in whatever form. Beginner, advanced or in between. The Guild usually meets on the first Saturday of the month in the Parochial Hall of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, Co Down, Northern Ireland. Contact us for more information. Meetings open around 10.30 am with tea/coffee for which we charge a small visitor's fee. This is quite informal. The meeting proper begins with 'housekeeping' - various announcements relevant to our members. Often we will have engaged a speaker of note, which is sometimes followed by a workshop/ sew-in. Full day workshops are held on Sundays. We have had speakers and teachers from USA, Germany, Holland, England, not forgetting the excellent people who are locally based. Contact us or Facebook for further information.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Meeting 3rd March & Sunday 4th March”

  1. Thank you for sending this.   The Quilters Guild must have given you my e mail  ? I am pleased I have found them as  I am offering 2 IRISH  quilts for their Museum. I inherited them from my Irish grandmother  – who was Lucinda Gervan  from Ballygawley . They must have been made by her ancestors in 1800’s –  as she married and came to London 1890’s. She was a wonderful lady , but I am unable to find any records about her  –  in the Record Offices of N. I. The Quilts are outstandingly good.  These pics hardly show the brilliance of the old silks. I have enjoyed them for years , but they must find a good home  – now I am old  ! Would any one be interested in trying to trace more about her and her family.?  Or through their embroideries  ?  One was a Dr.  and one a JP.  !  A very well  known family Thank you    –     I am      —      Mrs June Smith      Springhead      Church Rd     Blewbury     OX11 9 PY      phone  01235 850619.


  2. I am happy to report that June joined the North of Ireland Family History Society in March 2018 and with the help of a fellow member, a lot of research was undertaken on June’s Co Tyrone ancestors resulting in a very detailed family tree being prepared. The Society does not do commercial research work,

    In 8th October 2018, the two quilts, along with a copy of the family tree, were presented to the Ulster Folk And Transport Museum by Ann Robinson, President of the North of Ireland Family History Society, on behalf of our member Mrs June Smith. In 2018 a new branch was formed near Dungannon.

    From the Membership Assistant, North of Ireland Family History Society.


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