Former Quilter’s Road to Rio 2016. Update.

Quick note to add to this post. Patrick’s Olympics didn’t end with a medal; only a few may win medals, but Patrick certainly won our hearts and we are tremendously proud of his achievements.

Summer’s nearly over and joyfully our 2016 -17 season will kick off on Saturday 3rd September.  Post will follow soon.


Time to update you on Joy McCormick’s Grandson, Patrick Huston, and his  Road to Rio. Map 2

Patrick,  a former award winning quilter, (albeit achieved when he was ten),  definitely has our support.  Wishing you every success in Rio, but most of all enjoy this experience for which you have worked so hard.

Belfast to Sambódromo 5,879 miles 

Sambodromo is the traditional venue for carnival samba school parades, but is opening its doors to archery and the marathon during Rio 2016.

First up for TeamGB will be Patrick and fellow archer Naomi Folkard.  Their ranking rounds are scheduled for 5 August, the day of the opening ceremony.

Aim of the game

Rio 2016 Archery Cat
Rio 2016 Archery Cat.

Archery has a simple but far from easy objective: to hit the bull’s eye on a target from a distance of 70m.

Why is it important ?

From Robin Hood to Legolas, there have been many iconic archers in literature and film: at the Olympic Games you can see all this skill and heroism in real life

Here’s  a new email from Joy, Patrick’s Granny:-

I don’t know if you get the Belfast Telegraph, but I’ve sent you a link to a long article on Patrick going to Rio.  
In it you may notice that the NIPG has been transmogrified into
” granny’s knitting group” !
Just wanted to say that is not what Patrick would have told them. He knows better! I suspect it is the work of some ignorant male sports reporter who probably thought it sounded more comic. Joy
An interesting and fact packed article,  containing the following sentence:
I’ve had messages of support from my granny’s knitting group

One little sentence,  sadly incorrect.  Calling us ‘granny’s knitting group’ creates an impression of a group composed of grandmothers, though some of us are.

  Love how Joy says, referring to Patrick ‘He knows better!’

Perhaps  ‘Patrick’s Granny’s Knitting Group’  would have scanned better and eradicted false impressions.  What do you think? Of course, it should have read ‘Patrick’s Granny’s Quilting Group’. 

In spite of our fabric souls being transmogrified into wool, it is wonderful to have main stream media taking note of Patrick and hard-won achievements.

NB   Images are courtesy of  Rio 2016 where you’ll find everything you would want to know about the Olympics 2016, including the Olympic torch journey.

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