Glenada 2017

“What goes on in Glenada stays in Glenada”


But, but, but girls we really do want to know about the projects you started, finished, or moved on to another level.

Hints have come our way, looks and sounds as if you were all industrious, with reports of great fun too.

Well, we understand that we’ll probably never hear about what you got up to outside of working hard on quilts and bags and other projects. That doesn’t stop us really, really, really wanting to get some photos of your achievements, however small or large.

A huge thank you to Adrienne for organising this great outing this year and every year.

Ruth’s machine almost has steam coming out of it. No time to look out the window.
Jayne’s bag just makes you feel happy. Very practical too.
Linda Hamilton says: “Wonderful weekend at Glenada, meeting new friends, getting lots of tips and help from the lovely Guild ladies. Thank you. See you soon!”



Quilt by Mary McCormick. 
Sparks flying from Anne’s machine, while Esme uses a beautiful quilt as an ironing board cover!

Wondering about Glenada – set in Newcastle, County Down at the foothills of the Mournes. A great retreat and conference centre.




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